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The experts of the national pedagogical institute (IPN) in charge of school programs organized, on September 19 in Libreville, an educational workshop with the aim of reinforcing the achievements of the skills-based approaches of 91 pedagogical supervisors and teachers.

91 pedagogical supervisors and teachers were trained on the “Super Effective” manuals. © Montage/Gabonreview

91 pedagogical supervisors and teachers were present during the training workshop on the pedagogical approach of the Libreville center school district, organized on September 19 in the capital. Indeed, after having been trained on the manuals «Super Efficace» from pre-primary and early grades, it is now the turn of second-grade textbooks.

“We first had the Pre-Primary training, last year we had the Super Efficient Manual First Years training and this year we are now on the second year. Students will have textbooks and curricula at their disposal.explained an educational inspector.

“The second year curricula must be accompanied by manuals, these manuals are the Super Effective second year in mathematics, French and environmental studies. These three manuals are accompanied by two booklets”, added Berthe Carole Azize on Gabon 1ère. However, innovations are planned in the “Super Efficient” books.

“In these books, there were observations that were given, we sometimes did not find ourselves in relation to the references. There were also some innovations that we made that we need to amend while following what we have in the world. This is the case with computers, added an educational adviser.

The training of teachers and pedagogical supervisors on textbook teaching and learning strategies has made it possible to continue the process initiated two years ago and will be completed in 2025.

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Author: Marie Liliane Obouka (Trainee)

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