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Eduardo Yáñez in controversy for criticism of the program “Young people building the future.” Photo: Cuartoscuro | File

Eduardo Yanez again it is in controversy, this time due to the public comments made by the actor about the federal program “Young people building the future” and that caused annoyance among netizens.

What did Eduardo Yáñez say?

The actor who achieved great popularity for his leading role in the telenovela “Distilling love” next to Angelica Rivera, used his official Instagram account to criticize the program that supports young people stating that with government support a country of “Ignorant that can be easily controlled.”

However, the publication of Eduardo Yanez caused great controversy on digital platforms, so much was the controversy that the actor, who had to clarify if he suffers from diseases, decided delete the post, but it was of no use as various accounts took up what the actor said.

Social networks attack Yáñez

After unfortunate statements by Eduardo Yáñez social media users did not ignore the situation and recalled one of the biggest scandals that has had the actor physically lashing out at reporters.

The comments against the famous did not wait and among them can be read “How why do you have to pay attention to Eduardo Yáñez? I only locate him for hitting reporters ”,“ Sorry, who is Eduardo Yáñez ”,“ Someone take the internet away from Eduardo Yáñez ”, among others.

There were even those who questioned the academic preparation of the actor.

And of course the netizens did not let it pass that the actor will delete his post seeing the wave of criticism and accusations that began in social media.

There is no doubt that for social network users nothing goes unnoticed and now it was the turn of Eduardo Yanez, who so far has not commented on the matter after the controversy broke out.


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