Edomex. They steal a sports car and find it for sale on social networks

A man who his sports car was stolen a few weeks ago, he found it for sale at social media, so when reporting, the authorities managed to recover the vehicle and detain a person on a property in the Toluca municipality.

According to a statement from the Secretary of Security of the State of Mexico, the owner of the car reported that through a profile on social networks they offered an Audi A4, 2006 model, silver color, with Mexico City license plate, which was his property and had been stolen on June 5.

With the data provided, members of the General Directorate for Combating Vehicle Theft and Transportation (DGCRVyT) went to the aforementioned address in the municipality of Toluca, where they observed the unit with the characteristics described by the victim.

The Mexican agency pointed out that the uniformed Ricardo “N” was arrested 39-year-old, who identified himself as the owner; However, could not prove legal possession for which he was transferred before a Public Ministry by the crime of concealment by reception.

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The property was protected by members of the SS of Edomex, who are waiting for a search warrant to be authorized.



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