Editorial Zig-Zag | HOW THE MEMORY WORKS

Author Mira Pons, Michele

Illustrations of Carron, Edith

Editorial Imicated

ISBN 9789874444363

What is memory? How does it work? What happens in your brain when you “make” a memory? How does the memory of babies work? Why learn faster in childhood than in adulthood? What is genetic memory? What is collective memory? Does memory forget? Does memory get sick? Can memory be improved? Are there exceptional memories? Do animals have memories? Can computers replace our memory?

In this book you will discover many things that you will hardly forget …


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More information
Author Mira Pons, Michele
Author’s nationality Argentina
Illustrator Carron, Edith
Illustrator’s nationality French
Size (cm) Height x 29 width 21
pages 52
Cap type Rustic
Age Range From 10
Print Country Argentina


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