Editorial by Dieter Abholte: As I see it …

Dear readers,

Ibiza and Formentera can show their faces again. At least when it comes to the masks, which are correctly called mouth and nose protection. I never understood why that is so. Maybe it’s because of the argument: you rob banks with masks – you protect your mouth and nose with mouth and nose protection. Be that as it may: since yesterday we no longer need a mask in public if a safety distance of 1.50 meters can be maintained. In the shops and restaurants you then need the masks – I don’t feel like the long other word anymore.

I have to admit that after months of masquerade I like the new situation, but sometimes it confuses me. I went shopping. In the car, of course, no mask, tucked behind the ears when getting out of the car – completely automatically – until unmasked people came towards me. Why don’t they wear a mask? Oh yes, it is no longer necessary! But I leave it on for a maximum of 20 more steps to the store.

Then inside at the vegetable stand, the world was turned upside down. A young couple had misunderstood something. Their masks dangled from their larynx and were pulled up when they left the shop. That’s the way it is with new regulations. They take their time to arrive. Of course, logic says: no mask outside in the fresh air, mask inside! But with all the back and forth that we have experienced in the past year, not much is surprising.

I only pulled it down to sniff the tomato to see if it smelled like tomato (I bought it too!). Just like before, when the tomato came from the field. No, they weren’t as nice and round and flawlessly red as those from the supermarket. Not that clean either. Rather large, rustic, with notches in which a little red Ibiza earth sometimes still hung – but the taste. Delicious! Why do we sacrifice taste to optics? Luckily we have our neighbor who has his kitchen garden somewhere and likes to give us a few of his tomatoes. And there are also some stalls with vegetables from the island …

Why do I write about masks and tomatoes? Because at the moment I don’t want to deal with problems that can catch up with us and that are denoted by the harmless word “Delta”. But that must be a very bad kind of Corona! Hundreds of people were infected on a ferry on which schoolchildren from the mainland drove back to Dénia from the islands. The four hours of crossing were enough to infect all passengers. Elsewhere, surveillance cameras showed that two people were only walking past each other, after which both were infected because one had corona. Mind you: without any touch, without any conversation.

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How dangerous “Delta” really is remains to be seen. In any case, Germany closes down for returnees from Delta Virus areas like Portugal and orders: 14 days of quarantine on return! Doesn’t Great Britain also belong to the countries where Delta is already the most proven Corona mutant? Yes, it belongs! And aren’t the Balearic Islands waiting desperately for English tourists? Yes, they are waiting …!

But, as I said, I just don’t want to deal with this problem today and just enjoy Ibiza. It’s beautiful these days. The sun is shining, the wind from the sea is still so fresh that it cools the skin. The sea and sky are of that almost unreal blue that can only be found on our islands. The cool wine fogged up the glasses, which I always find great. Add to this the evenings that displace the heat of the day and invite you to a few tapas in the bars of the old town’s alleys, to eat in the garden restaurant or to have a cocktail at a beach bar.

Let’s enjoy the life we ​​have back. Without masks outside on the beach with friends or while strolling for two – but please be careful! Summer in Ibiza and Formentera is too good to be spent in the hospital room or clinic. Of course, this also applies to the summer elsewhere …

Sincerely, Dieter Abholte

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