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6 economic words to watch in 2023 that will be the key to the next era

Check out the attention words that are likely to be deeply involved in the way we work and live in the future.

Economic commentator Kaede Yokokawa taught me

As a money expert and financial education activist, he strives to spread knowledge about money and the economy with the motto, “Easy to understand from a life-size perspective than anyone else.”


Sharpen the skills that the times demand

Featured economy word 6

To enter a new profession, or to adapt to the drastic changes in the skills required in the current profession,acquire the necessary skillsthing.especially in recent yearsAcquisition of skills for new occupations created by digitalization and occupations that are expected to change the way work is donepoint to Since it is a learning to continue creating value in the workplace, it is done while being enrolled in a company.

[check02]Recurrent education

Toward a society where you can learn again and again

[check02]Recurrent education

“Recurrent” is a word that means “repeating” or “circulating”.Receiving education again at the timing necessary for each individual even after entering society, and repeating work→learning→work. Although it is premised on leaving the job, in Japan, it includes a style of re-learning specialized knowledge and skills while continuing to work, and is also called “re-learning for working people”.

[check03]Deep Tech Startup

The power of companies aiming to solve social issues

[check03]Deep Tech Startup

What is “deep tech”Technology that has the potential to significantly change lifestyles and solve social issuesAbout. A “startup” is a company that grows quickly with innovative ideas. in short,A company working to develop technology that could change the worldThat means. It is attracting attention as a trending field that will grow in the future.

[check04]Circular economy

new economic system

[check04]Circular economy

Known as the “circular economy,”An economic system that designs and circulates discarded products and raw materials on the premise of recycling and reuse.. Principles: (1) Do not generate waste and pollution. (2) Continue to distribute and circulate products and materials with high value. ③Regenerate nature.A recycling system that maximizes the use of resourcesLeading to the resolution of social issues

【check05】Human Capital

Changes in corporate awareness of human resources

【check05】Human Capital

Human resources, which have been considered as a company’s “cost”,Think of it as “capital” that creates added value such as knowledge and skills,ThatA management style that maximizes value and improves corporate value over the medium to long term. A management trend word that is also used in the sense of investing in individual knowledge, abilities, qualities, etc. for motivation and corporate profits.

[check06]Asset income double plan

From savings to investment

[check06]Asset income double plan

A new capitalist economic policy advocated by the Japanese government.Aiming to achieve stable asset formation by actively managing individual assetsthing. It is thought that the aim is to promote the use of investment as a means of preparing funds for retirement, and to revitalize the Japanese economy through increased investment.Specifically,NIExpansion of SA, system reform of iDeCo, implementation of financial education, assumed.

How should we face the economy from now on?

“first,The first step is to know the current situation..and myConsider how you relate to life.thing. By doing so, you will be able to understand the system that will be beneficial to you, prepare calmly for the ever-changing situation, and face the economy “proactively”. By knowing, please get a chance to notice! (Mr. Yokokawa)

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