Eco-Pro 2021 ★ Let’s spread Wildlife pedestrian bridge-Forests and lives connected by animal pathways-SDGs No.15 Protecting the richness of land –Press release of Animal Pathway and Wildlife Association

At the Eco-Pro Exhibition, we will exhibit research and development of animal pathways between forests divided and isolated by roads, construction examples on city roads and prefectural roads, actual models, and monitoring images of arboreal wild animals actually used. In addition, we will give you picture book pamphlets and cute clear files for your children.

I would like all road managers, businesses, citizens, and children who will lead the next generation to know the necessity for the spread of Animal Pathway.

This association is a non-profit organization established in 2012 by the Animal Pathway Study Group, which was established by the Keidanren Nature Conservation Council in 2004 to promote the pedestrian bridge for arboreal wildlife: Animal Pathway. This time, we will exhibit in collaboration with Yamane and Ikimono Research Institute.

After a demonstration experiment from 2004 to 2006, we have developed an inexpensive animal pathway that can be used by a variety of arboreal wildlife. Starting with the installation on the city road in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture in 2007, nine units have been installed under city roads, prefectural roads, national roads, and highways such as Nasu Heisei no Mori (Ministry of the Environment) in Nasu Town, Tochigi Prefecture, and Nagoya City Road. I am. It is also installed on one railroad track in the United Kingdom. Currently, the arboreal Japanese squirrel is said to be extinct in Kyushu and the Chugoku region, and the Japanese squirrel is a natural monument and is listed in the RDB in 41 prefectures nationwide. Forests inhabited by arboreal animals are divided and isolated by roads, etc., and their genetic diversity is impaired, and in some cases, roadkill is encountered. It’s a road that I use conveniently on a daily basis, but please be aware that there are animals in need.

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1: Those who are interested in nature and animal protection

2: Nature maintenance groups (citizens and companies)

3: Road users and managers

4: Those who are interested in SDGs “Sustainable Development Goals”

[Event details]

We will introduce the usage of arboreal wild animals with actual models of animal pathways, panel displays, and video images of wildlife using animal pathways.

[Exhibition field]

Biodiversity, construction, building / building materials, education / learning support, research / academic achievement presentation, environmental consideration / eco activities


event name:Eco-Pro 2021 ★ Animal Pathway and Wildlife Society

Date and time:December 08, 2021 (wood)-December 10 (gold) 10:00-17:00

place:Tokyo Big Sight East Hall Booth Number: 2-068

subject:General, students, children, educators, nature maintenance groups, business people

Participation fee:Free (registration required)

EcoPro 2021 Official Website:

Exhibition details page:

[About the Animal Pathway and the Wildlife Society]

Chairman:Shusaku Minato (Professor, Kwansei Gakuin University, Director of Keep Yamane Museum)

Representative director:Koichi Otake

set up: May 07, 2012


Business content:Through the establishment and dissemination of the “Animal Pathway,” an arboreal wildlife path, we are enlightening and educating the importance of forest biodiversity and conservation.

Background and purpose:There are many endangered wild animals behind the roads and traffic that are conveniently used by businesses and citizens. It is known from the report of the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism that there are very few cases of countermeasures for arboreal wild animals that are not particularly respected. Considering that Japanese squirrels and dormouses are disappearing from nearby forests without knowing it, it is urgent to spread the pedestrian bridge “Animal Pathway” that connects forests nationwide, and cases similar to these are overseas. However, since there are few, international transmission is also necessary. Efforts to pass on to the children who will bear the future are also important.

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[About Yamane / Ikimono Research Institute]

Representative director: Minato Akizaku

set up: November 28, 2019



Business content: The Yamane / Ikimono Research Institute is studying the wonders of “Yamane” and “Ikimono”. We also aim to develop human resources who support the global society by nurturing “living things,” “nature,” and “people who love people.”

Background and purpose: The objects we want to cherish are “dormouses,” “living things,” and “people.” Many plants, animals and microorganisms live around us and on the earth.

We can breathe because of the oxygen that the plants make.

You cannot live without “living things”.

People live on the blessings of “living things” in terms of air, food, clothing, and fuel.

Therefore, protecting “living things” leads to protecting “people”.

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