Eat watermelon, drink mung bean soup, take a bath, animals have a “cool” way to escape the heat

Eat watermelon, drink mung bean soup, take a bath, animals have a “cool” way to escape the heat

2022-08-15 09:31:30Source: Sanqin Metropolis Daily

This summer, Xi’an is really hot, people take various measures to escape the heat, and animals are no exception. In the Qinling Wildlife Park, some of them eat watermelon, some blow air conditioners, and some drink mung bean soup… It can be said that “the Eight Immortals cross the sea, each showing their magical powers”. “Why didn’t you see the red panda?” “Look at the tree! They climbed up the tree.” “There is another one, and all three are on the tree.” In the little panda house, following the discussions of several children, I saw the little panda lying on the tree to escape the summer heat.

In the animal kingdom, some animals adapt to the environment through their own adjustment, and this is the case with the red panda. Its hair naturally grows thinner in summer and thicker in winter. I saw a little panda lying lazily on the tree, licking its body from time to time with its tongue. In response to the high temperature in summer, breeders have thought of many ways. For example, a small amount of ice cubes is added to the nutritional milkshake given to red pandas every morning. At the same time, the outdoor field is equipped with a water outlet, which provides a continuous trickle for them to drink and play.

If it is said that the red panda has been lying on the tree and is slightly “cold”, then the chimpanzees “Duoduo” and “Ai Ai” are very enthusiastic. After the breeders put mung bean soup, watermelon, ice cubes and other cooling items into one of the inner exhibition halls, they brought them in. I saw that “Ai Ai” first walked around the venue for a week, and seemed to be “greeting” with tourists. It is 45 years old this year, which is equivalent to 90 years old for humans. However, for the 14-year-old “Duoduo”, the appeal of mung bean soup is obviously greater. It took up a bottle of mung bean soup, hid in a corner, and drank happily with its back to the tourists. No matter how the tourists called, it would not turn around. The calm “Ai Ai” looked a little “cold” in the atmosphere, so he sat in front of the glass in the exhibition hall and slowly nibbled watermelons at the tourists, fully satisfying people’s desire to take pictures.

Although the ring-tailed lemur looks like a fox, its temperament is very gentle. Watching the breeder walk in with a pot of bright and juicy watermelons, 9 ring-tailed lemurs immediately came around and crunched. One of them was daring and ate directly into the hands of the breeder. After a while, the watermelons went down a lot, and their long tails also showed a “?” shape. The breeder said that this was a sign of their happiness. In addition to watermelons and placing ice cubes, keepers regularly scour the floor of the cage where the ring-tailed lemurs are housed. At this time, they will change from “monkey” to “cat” and lie down on the ground to enjoy the shade.

The 4-year-old hippo “An An” and the 10-year-old hippo “Zhou Zhou” immerse their huge bodies in water most of the time. In order to make them feel comfortable, the temperature in the pool is kept at 18-20°C all year round. In addition to the “bath”, the zoo also arranged a “shower” for them – a spray system is installed directly above the pool, and the fine mist sprayed makes the hippos feel cool at all times.

“An’an! Come!” “Zhou Zhou! Zhou Zhou!” The breeder came to the pool with half of the cut watermelon, calling them while lifting the watermelon above the pool. I saw them with their big mouths open, waiting to be fed. As soon as a piece of watermelon was thrown into the hippo’s mouth, the hippo began to chew. The huge mouth was like a juicer, and the juice and fragments were sprayed out instantly.

The national treasure giant panda likes the cold and is afraid of the heat. Therefore, there is a sunscreen on the top of the panda’s head in the exhibition hall, the central air conditioner is fully turned on, and there is a pool for them to cool off. The lively “Johnson” enjoys a comfortable environment and nibbles at bamboo under the watchful eyes of tourists. After a while, the breeder placed a fruit and vegetable platter consisting of watermelon, apples and carrots by the pool. “Johnson & Johnson” paced over and ate the apples with relish.

Losing appetite due to hot weather doesn’t happen to pandas. According to the breeder, giant pandas eat more bamboo shoots after the weather is hot, because bamboo shoots contain a lot of water. Therefore, a giant panda can usually eat 80-100 catties of bamboo or bamboo shoots a day, and more in summer.

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