EastEnders Spoilers – Phil Gets Violent Over Ben

EastEnders Spoiler follows.

EastEndersSuki Panesar will face the wrath of Phil Mitchell next week as her actions amid Ben’s breakup are back and haunting her.

Earlier this week, Suki lost Ben to death after finding him gasping from a drug overdose.

In Monday’s episode (August 8), Phil and Ben discuss what happened while they were in the hospital, only to realize that Suki must have dumped Ben when he needed it.


Suki recently found out about the role Ben played in Jags’ tragic death last year. turned his back.

As Ben and Phil connect the dots about Suki’s recent behavior, she is preoccupied with dealing with another difficult situation elsewhere as Ranveer continues to blackmail her. He claims that if Suki sleeps with him, she can close a business deal.

Things get worse for Suki when he fails to negotiate a lower lease on the Minute Mart.

Nina Gupta, Suki Panesar, EastEnders


When Sharon finds herself in despair, she invites Suki for a drink. Suki uses her own vulnerability to try to manipulate Sharon into lending her money.

When they go to The Vic to discuss this, Phil storms in and confronts Suki about leaving Ben for dead for everyone to hear.

Sharon Watts, Suki Kaul Panezer, EastEnders


The situation escalates when Phil lunges at Suki, but Keelat manages to pull him back.

With Sharon’s money ruined, Suki feels desperate and agrees to meet Ranveer after some words of wisdom from Eve.

Suki Kaul Panezer, Sharon Watts, EastEnders


At the meeting, Suki makes Ranveer sign a contract and loudly says that he will give her the business in return for sleeping with him.

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As previously revealed, Suki’s meeting with Ranveer did not go as she had planned, with fatal consequences.

EastEnders It airs on BBC One at 7.30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with a few episodes on BBC Two during the summer sporting events. The show is also streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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