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Source title: Eason Chan’s new single “People and People” is launched online to open the exploration of human nature and self

Human beings are the unique advanced life forms on this earth. Our wisdom allows us to define everything. However, it is always difficult for us to see ourselves clearly.

Why do we exist, why do we diverge, and why do we meet… When we start to think about these questions, but find it difficult to find the answer, how should we deal with ourselves?

Yesterday, Eason Chan released his brand new single “People, People”. In the song, Eason Chan led the audience into a perception and discussion about different aspects of human nature with a mysterious and strong sense of atmosphere.

Eason Chan uses his explosive voice to lead the public to peep into the truth of human nature

Everyone is a blank sheet of paper from the moment of birth. We have the same starting point and end point. We are also full of unknowns and curiosity about this world. However, as the number of crossroads increases, people will walk in one after another in their own encounters. Different forks in the road usher in different fates and endings.

The theme of “People, People” is profound and grand. In order to convey complex and diverse emotions, the song invited Lin Jiaqian (composer), Zhou Yaohui (lyricist) and Li Ronghao (arranger) to co-produce it. The beginning of the song, It is a mysterious and killing atmosphere. Eason Chan’s whisper-like singing slowly enters. With the prelude of electric organ (Organ) and crisp electric guitar breaking down chords, the whole song is full of depth and mystery.

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Afterwards, fragmentary violin and electric guitar sounds joined the background. In the blurred atmosphere, Eason Chan’s voice also began to fluctuate and change. In the process of advancing, it finally gained momentum to explode. Eason Chan used a very distinctive long voice to pour out emotions, creating a sense of ups and downs of chaos and uncertainty for the song, and the explosive expression made the audience feel as if they were in the clouds and jumped. All living beings pass by quickly, and thousands of thoughts flood into the mind at the moment they pass each other. The audience will be completely immersed in the unpredictable thinking space and peep into the various truths of human nature.

At the end of 2022, Eason Chan presents double surprises for fans

Eason always seems to have the power to hit the soul directly. No matter what style of song, under his lazy and sincere singing, it can always be plated with a layer of characteristics that belong only to Eason Chan. I believe that this time in “People and People” In the interpretation, it can also bring different surprises and perceptions to the audience.

2022 is coming to an end. The joy that Eason brings to fans at the end of the year is not just the release of new songs. In December, it will be a wonderful concert at the Hung Hom Stadium. The new song can be said to be a happy event, let us look forward to the arrival of December together in the deep voice of “People and People”!

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