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Original title: Eason Chan FEAR AND DREAMS Hong Kong concert officially announced!

After nine years of absence, Eason Chan will return to the Red Pavilion in December to cross 2022 with everyone! “FWD Insurance Presents: Eason Chan FEAR AND DREAMS Hong Kong Concert” will be on sale at URBTIX on October 6 for 18 tickets!

Nine years apart, fans have been waiting for a long time. This time, 18 New Year’s Eve concerts are held. Eason breaks the tradition and cancels the priority ordering of bank credit cards. Nearly 50% of the tickets are on public sale, and each person can buy four tickets. I hope fans can get more Opportunity to buy tickets.

The concert was canceled in 2019, and after that, it was postponed again and again due to the epidemic, but Eason did not give up. Finally, this year, he can get the Christmas and New Year Red Pavilion schedule again to celebrate the New Year with everyone. Eason was invited by different organizations all over the world to hold concerts, but Eason still insisted on starting the concert from Hong Kong.

This time Eason’s concert poster is a bit different from three years ago. The background color is changed from the dark color in 2019 to light color. In the new poster, Eason looks in two different directions, with brightly colored flowers blooming in the middle. . This time the poster was re-shot. The famous designer Zhu Zuer continued to use the theme of FEAR AND DREAMS to bring a brand new feeling to everyone in different ways.

The theme of the concert, FEAR AND DREAMS Eason, was decided three years ago. Today, three years later, he does not feel that his thoughts have changed, so he continues to use this concert name. What does FEAR AND DREAMS stand for? Eason said bluntly: “Everyone feels different, and it is best to watch it live before interpreting it.”

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Last tour Eason visited: Melbourne, Sydney, Vancouver, Toronto, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, New York, San Jose, Macau, Guangzhou, Chengdu, London, Paris, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Auckland, etc. 135 concerts, will this time break the previous record and tour more places? The organizer said: “The details will be announced one after another. It doesn’t matter if the record is broken or not. Eason just hopes to go to different places around the world to meet with fans.”Return to Sohu, see more


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