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Jambi University in Indonesia integrated ONLYOFFICE Docs into its own Paperless Office Application, making it easy to work with documents online. University representative and technical expert Mohammad Ilhami said of the experience:

About UNJA

Jambi University (UNJA) is a state university in Jambi Province, Indonesia, with approximately 27,000 active students, 13 faculties and over 80 study programs.

With a mission of digital transformation, innovative research and affordable higher education, we are developing the UNJA SMART platform.

Here you can see a panoramic tour of the entire university.

The road to ONLYOFFICE

As Mohammad recalls, he was looking for a suitable application for online document editing and collaboration.

My first suggestion was Google Docs. However, after searching on the web, I discovered ONLYOFFICE and found its features more appealing. And for now, they seem to highly recommend ONLYOFFICE to other educational institutions as well.

Compared to Google Docs, ONLYOFFICE is feature-rich and compared to Microsoft 365 Online, the API is very simple

most needed features

According to Mohammad, they primarily work with DOCX files, and the documentation process within the team requires repeated editing sessions and co-authoring. Once the document is complete, it should be converted to PDF for further distribution.

ONLYOFFICE allows your team to do everything they need to do seamlessly and some of the most useful features include:

The toolset provided is almost identical to Microsoft Office.Online storage, editing, collaboration, and converting to PDF is the combination we need

Integration: how it works

Jambi University maintains its own Paperless Office Application hosted on a subdomain that is used to manage email distribution.

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To integrate ONLYOFFICE Docs into his application, Mohammad used the ONLYOFFICE API and found it well documented and with all the features he needed.

When users create documents, they are redirected to ONLYOFFICE Docs. A callback function notifies the application when the editing session ends. Paperless Office then downloads the ready-made document and converts it to a PDF file.

The application is constantly being improved, including support for electronic signatures.

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