Düsseldorf is experiencing a dog boom due to Corona

Animals in Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf is experiencing a dog boom due to Corona

More and more people from Düsseldorf are becoming dog owners. This clearly strengthens a trend that was already visible before Corona. Dog schools could get more inquiries soon.


Since the start of the corona pandemic, the number of dogs in Düsseldorf has increased significantly. In March 2021, 24,938 dogs were registered with the tax office, 1411 more than a year ago when the pandemic was felt in Düsseldorf.

In the same period of the previous year, the number of dogs had only increased by around 500. However, the trend towards dogs began many years before the pandemic: In the past ten years, the number of dogs registered in Düsseldorf has increased by around 5,000.

The animal shelter sees the renewed increase in interest in the four-legged friends with mixed feelings. Monika Piasetzky, chairwoman of the animal welfare association, has so far not noticed either more demand for dogs or more taxes.

“However, we fear a wave in which new pet owners notice that the animal they bought last year does not suit them after all or that it is too much work and the animal is brought to us,” she says. Because anyone who as a citizen would buy a living being in the trade would hardly get any reasonable explanation there.

Most dogs live as solitary animals

At least something can be learned from the data from the tax office about the dog tastes of the people of Düsseldorf. The majority of dogs, around 22,000, live as solitary animals. 1324 dogs live with one conspecific, 99 with three. There are seldom more dogs in one place. Record is a household that has registered seven dogs.


Anyone who registers a dog with the tax must also indicate the breed. The most frequent entry in Düsseldorf is: “Mischling” with more than 8000 mentions.

The tax office says nothing about further information, the query mainly serves to clarify whether there is a “dangerous dog” (23 times in Düsseldorf) or a “special breed” (36 times) according to the dog law. Both categories designate certain breeds, for whose keeping a permit must be available. The office doesn’t know more about the many dogs either – except of course the tax revenue: the city received 2.4 million euros in 2020 from the dog tax.

Indirectly, it is also registered in the dog school “Correctly Linked” in Niederkassel that an increasing number of citizens have been keeping a dog for a year.

“Existing customers tell me that they meet more and more people with young dogs on walks,” says Viviane Strunk, managing director of the dog day care center.

Open areas in the parks, for example, are often overcrowded – and the young animals are not properly trained.

The small dogs are still manageable. Because if you bought a dog in the summer, for example, you would still be happy about a teenage animal. But it becomes a problem when the dogs become sexually mature in the coming months

“Then many new owners will notice that they have poor control of the animal. I am sure that we will soon receive more inquiries about vacancies at the dog school, ”says Viviane Strunk. There are already a few more calls than before the pandemic, but it is still within limits.

There is a questionnaire for those interested in the shelter

In the animal shelter, those interested in a new dog in the house are asked many questions. This is to ensure that a happy and long-term animal-human relationship is created: How much time does the prospect have for the animal? How big is the apartment? Does the master or mistress temporarily work in the home office?

Only when all questions about the satisfaction of the animal shelter have been clarified is a fee paid. “That is why our referrals are almost always unproblematic,” says Piasetzky.

Anyone who took in a dog during the Corona year may soon notice that living together is not working – especially when the home office ends, says Piasetzky.

A cat might then be a better choice. She doesn’t want to be alone all the time, but finds a moderate absence of her owner at least less tragic than a dog, says Piasetzky.


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