Dušek: The situation in the Czech Republic is good. In July, 4,597 new cases were added


In July, hygienists in the Czech Republic registered 4597 new cases of coronavirus. 2,758 people were cured and 36 of them died. “A large number of people were newly diagnosed this month,” Dušek said.

Overall, however, according to him, the situation is good, as it is possible to assign individual cases to specific outbreaks. These are now in the Moravian-Silesian Region and in Prague.

It can also be assessed positively that few people have a difficult course. 237 people ended up in the hospital with coronavirus, 33 of whom had a severe course. These people make up only one percent of those diagnosed.

Moravia is improving

A risk group of seniors also succeeds in protecting. In the 65+ group, less than 500 people became infected with coronavirus in July, and there were 221 newly diagnosed cases in the 75+ population.

According to Dušek, the situation in the Moravian-Silesian Region is also improving. This is evidenced by the reproductive number, which shows how many people on average infect one patient. It is now 0.92.

The highest is in Prague, ie 1.39. “But it can be assigned to a specific cluster,” Dušek added. The cluster was established in the Prague club Techtle mechtle.

Hygienists also record some cases where people imported coronavirus from abroad. However, according to the chief hygienist Jarmila Rážová, this only affects a few dozen Czechs at most.

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