Duisburg Zoo: New animal to take visitors “fear”.


Duisburg Zoo: Happy about the new animal! SIE is intended to take away “unfounded fears” from visitors

These are the five largest zoos in Germany

These are the five largest zoos in Germany

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Duisburg. Great news from Duisburg Zoo!

Duisburg Zoo welcomes a new resident to its ranks. She has two very special tasks. On the one hand, the zoo reveals that it is intended to take away “unfounded” fears of its species from visitors. On the other hand, the employees hope that she will provide for offspring.

Duisburg Zoo: newcomer!

77 centimeters long, gray-black coloring. She feels at home in the salt water: the new bamboo shark lady from Duisburg Zoo!

She becomes the new roommate of the bamboo shark Lenny, who has been single in his bachelor aquarium until now. He may even have already cast an eye on his conspecifics. Within minutes of her moving in, he had already made physical contact with her.

Duisburg Zoo: New female shark gives hope

“This nourishes the hope that there could be baby sharks in Duisburg in the future,” says zoological director Oliver Mojecki. “We are now hoping for offspring from this small and potentially endangered shark species thanks to the new female.”


This is the Duisburg Zoo:

  • Founded in 1934
  • More than 100 employees
  • A total of 6862 animals in Duisburg Zoo
  • Known for its dolphinarium, among other things
  • Around a million visitors every year


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Small baby sharks in the Duisburg Zoo aquarium would be a nice surprise. But the fins of the new bamboo shark have another job to do. “We also want to use these animals to draw attention to the threat posed by many other sharks and take away people’s unfounded fear of predatory fish,” says Mojecki.

Zoo Duisburg: THIS is the job of the shark

A task that the new Haidame will certainly be happy to take on. After all, their peers often have a bad reputation. Duisburg Zoo explains that they are not considered popular, and are therefore often not protected well enough and hunted down mercilessly.

Around 100 million sharks are said to be killed by humans every year. They end up as by-catch in fishermen’s longlines, their habitat is polluted and reefs destroyed.


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Duisburg Zoo: Sharks die a horrible death as a result of targeted fishing on the seas

Targeted fishing also affects the stock. A number of cultures use their fins for soups or medicinal purposes. Fishermen cut off the fins of the sharks while they are still alive. They then carelessly throw their bodies overboard and wait helplessly in the water for an agonizing death.

The nursery of many shark species is also getting smaller and smaller, because the mangrove forests, which are so important for baby sharks, are being cleared. This has dire consequences: 75 percent of all shark species are considered endangered.

In addition, a sea without sharks would be unthinkable. As predators, they are at the end of the food chain, and the large shark species in particular play an important role. If the shark is missing, the sensitive food relationships and thus the entire ecosystem of the sea are thrown out of balance. (vh)


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