Duisburg Zoo: After six years! Finally the next generation of animals


Duisburg Zoo: After six years – finally, cute offspring with these animals again

These are the five largest zoos in Germany

These are the five largest zoos in Germany

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Duisburg. Sweet offspring in Duisburg Zoo!

The zoo has good news to announce: There are finally new animals again. The zoo employees waited six years for this moment.

Duisburg Zoo: Sweet offspring in the zoo

The animal population in the Duisburg Zoo experiences an increase. Because the koala lady Yiribana has offspring. The zoo waited six years for the almost eight-year-old koala mother to finally have her second baby.

The baby koala is now 225 days old, but is still so young that it is mostly in its mother’s pouch. “After a little arm or foot peeked out of mother Yiribana’s protective pouch in the past few weeks, the young animal is now looking out more and more often and has meanwhile been on its mother’s back,” reports the zoo.

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This is also the opportunity to weigh the baby koala, which still fits in the hand of an adult, for the first time. The previously nameless animal currently weighs 556 grams. There is always a fabric koala that can be placed on a branch on the scales. “The young animals are used to holding onto their fur. The fabric koala offers the little one security, ”explains the care team. And further: “With the weight data we can draw conclusions about development and state of health.”


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Duisburg Zoo: Koala mother has great confidence in employees

The koala mom is unimpressed by the process. “Yiribana was also born here in Duisburg, she has great confidence in us caregivers and has known Libra for years. If we carefully put the little one on the scales, she doesn’t even look at us – she prefers to eat, ”reports the Koala House team.

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After that, however, the young animal quickly slips back into its mother’s pouch. There it is suckled, and eucalyptus is increasingly on the diet of the koala baby in addition to milk. First, however, special bacteria have to settle in the stomach. “Young animals get the bacterial starter from their mothers. These excrete a special appendix, the so-called cardboard, which contains the absolutely necessary bacteria in large numbers and is eaten by the offspring, ”explain the carers.

They also know about the dangers: “Koalas are demanding and sensitive pets. The switch from milk to solid food is one of the most critical phases in development, along with childbirth. “


That’s the Duisburg Zoo:

  • Founded in 1934
  • More than 100 employees
  • A total of 6862 animals in Duisburg Zoo
  • Known among other things for its dolphinarium
  • Around one million visitors a year


Duisburg Zoo has a total of over 30 koala babies

The cub is only the second offspring of Yiribana. To make the baby happy, the five-year-old Tinaroo came to the Kaiserberg from Leipzig in March of last year. “It finally worked with Tinaroo, he knew how to deal with the bitchy Yiribana,” said the team of carers happy about the birth.

In 2015, Yiribana’s son Yindi was born, who now lives in Beauval’s French zoo. Overall, the Duisburg Zoo was able to look forward to more than 30 koala babies. “Yet every birth is a very special moment,” says the zoo. (nk)


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