Due to the death of a Slovak, they punished the second highest-ranking police officer in Belgium

The website tvnoviny.sk informed about it with reference to the Belgian portal knack.be. Desenfants will lose about 1,500 euros (38 thousand crowns). The police officer claimed in the past that he had not made a mistake in the case, but was not sufficiently informed about it.

According to a published video, Belgian police officers knelt on Chovanc for more than a quarter of an hour. The footage also shows one of the police officers defending and her colleagues laughing at it. However, according to the Belgian prosecutor’s office, the ongoing investigation has not yet shown that the police caused fatal injuries to the inmate.

The investigation into the police’s conduct is still open. Disciplinary proceedings are also ongoing against the three intervening police officers. The policewoman, who was cheering in the footage, was put out of service.

“Only a fool won’t understand this”

Lawyer Ann Van de Steen does not directly claim that Chovanc’s death was caused by the police, but recalled that the police sat on the Slovak for 16 minutes when he lay on his stomach with his legs tied in a blanket. “Only a fool will not understand that it could contribute to his death,” she added. Autopsy, pathological examinations, and toxicological analyzes, according to Steen, did not dispel the suspicion that the cause of death was chest compressions.

The inmate’s wife admitted that her husband suffered from affective disorders typical of schizophrenia and was receiving psychiatric treatment. Henrieta Chovancová told the Belgian media that as early as December 2016, her husband was very stressed and was taking medication for a wide range of mental illnesses. “He dropped them off in March or April 2017, because he was numb after them, he didn’t care, and he slept a lot. He was physically fine, but not mentally, “said Chovancová.

According to the available information, the inmate boarded the plane to Bratislava illegally, he did not have a valid ticket. After disputes with the staff and the captain of the aircraft, he was taken out by the airport police and placed in a pre-trial detention cell. They did not bring medical attention to the Inmate until four hours after his arrest, although he tried to harm himself. “Without properly examining the man, the doctor confirmed that it was medically possible for him to remain in the cell,” the Belgian media reported on the medical examination.

He ran out of medicine

Two hours after the doctor left, the Inmate began banging his head on the door, and as attempts at self-harm were repeated, four police officers entered the cell. According to the police, the inmate was supposed to take an “offensive position” after entering the cell, so they pushed him to the mattress. The Slovak was taken to a hospital in a coma, where he died.

The family and friends of a man from Terchová say that Chovanc ran out of medication, which he regularly took, and he needed to get to Slovakia quickly. He owned a company that hired Slovak construction workers in Belgium and regularly traveled between the two countries.

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