“Drive problems”: MSV trainer Lieberknecht on the Albutat outlet



Opponents in the coming season: Tim Albutat and MSV trainer Torsten Lieberknecht. Photo: firo

Before the start of preparation, third-division soccer team MSV Duisburg had to cope with two painful departures. One was expected, the other not – not even for coach Torsten Lieberknecht.

With the first team training fell at MSV Duisburg on Monday the starting signal for the season preparation – and with Tim Albutat a player was missing who was actually scheduled. But the day before, the club had surprisingly canceled the contract with the 27-year-old after six years of cooperation. Shortly thereafter, Albutat was introduced to league competitor KFC Uerdingen as a new addition.

This means that the MSV has to reposition itself in the central field. Before that, Albutat’s co-worker Yassin Ben Balla had said goodbye to Eintracht Braunschweig.

MSV trainer Lieberknecht “surprised” by Albutat departure

“At Yassin that was foreseeable due to his performance,” said coach Torsten Lieberknecht in a virtual media round on Monday. The move from Albutat, on the other hand, had “greatly surprised the coach. In a conversation, he left a very impotent impression. “

Similar to sports director Ivica Grlic before, Lieberknecht emphasized: “For me it is important that we have boys who are on fire.” Nevertheless, the departure was “brutally a shame. I think last season he gave me the appreciation that he had missed in previous years. ”

Last season Albutat was one of the absolute regulars, 33 appearances in the 3rd division. “He wanted this ascent with all his might,” said Lieberknecht. “Now you have noticed that he lacks the drive to do it again. The last season was very exhausting. “

MSV trainer Lieberknecht knows the business

After many years in the same club, Albutat may have been tired, the coach speculated about the reasons for Albutat’s desire for a change. “Then I was surprised where he was going,” said Lieberknecht about the move to Krefeld a few kilometers away. “I thought he might want to go to another region.”

Fear that more MSV– Lieberknecht does not have to emulate professionals Albutat: “After many years as a coach, I am used to the fact that sometimes things happen that you do not expect. That doesn’t stop me from creating something new and involving other guys. ”


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