Dressing up as a Muslim woman and turning into a transsexual – so joker Nauris Brikmanis hurts restaurant owners

A naughty old man, a jumpy young businessman, a tough rocker, a Muslim woman and even a transsexual – Nauris Brikmanis can get into such bright and different images that, unrecognized by anyone, he would appreciate the best domestic restaurants.

Nauris invented these characters together with the producers of the show, but he liked the role of a jumping businessman the best. “I had dark glasses in it, so I could feel absolutely sure that I would not be recognized by the eyes. I was able to express myself according to the full program, ”Nauris Brikmanis admitted to the magazine” Kas Jauns “, saying that when he got into such different roles, he was not particularly prepared, but improvised according to the situation.

He felt most peculiarly when he disguised himself as a Muslim woman, wearing a niche. “It simply came to our notice then. Because being in a niche, it was hard to get food in my mouth, and I had to speak in a woman’s voice. I was even scared for a moment and then coughed like a man. I had an abnormal laugh about it, I think I will be recognized right away, but nothing! “

In fact, I’m really very scared, I think how stupid it would be if my last hour came when I’m dressed in such a dress …

“The waitress was also worried, and when she heard that a woman dressed in a niche was suddenly coughing and gurgling in such a low voice, she probably thought I was a disguised terrorist and went to the management, saying that the highest level of risk had occurred. The producers of the show even had to reassure employees that all this is not real, ”recalls Nauris Brikmanis.

He says that the owners of the joked restaurants did not hold a bad mind for him, but laughed at themselves and how they were carried through. “It’s really great to joke like that! Laughter improves the world, and it benefits everyone. I would like to make fun of myself, ”says the showman.

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