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“Dream Paradise” sparked a wave of “memory killings” this Sunday’s cloud party in Hangzhou, see you online

“Our home, living in paradise, the green lake is rippling with beautiful dreams…” The 2022 “Very Hangzhou Cloud Spring Festival Gala” is being solicited, and this Sunday (January 16), there is a song in the west of Hangzhou City to sing The small party on the cloud in Hangzhou, as a sub-venue performance of “Very Hangzhou Cloud Spring Festival Gala”, hosted by Dai Jun, and Ying Hao will sing the new version of “Dream Paradise”, which will be on the Metro Express video account, Orange Persimmon Interactive App, and Metropolis Kuaishou Kuaishou, Douyin and other platforms will be broadcast live. Due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, this is an online concert and is not open to the public. However, 15 places for Orange Persimmon Interaction are specially given, and 15 orange friends are invited to the scene, including the places for chorus on stage. As soon as the collection was released, the memories of orange friends flooded our message board.

Some people are familiar with the history of the Hangzhou city song “Dream of Paradise”, some people recall their origins with this song, some people want to see Dai Jun live, or they are very much looking forward to the Hangzhou musicians who participated in the performance.

So where is the current progress bar of this concert for Hangzhou? What will be the highlights then?

Trigger a large-scale memory killing of orange friends

“For more than 20 years, I grew up with this song “Dream of Paradise”. When I sang this song when I was studying abroad, I would be very proud, and my classmates also praised this song. The first edition of “Dream of Paradise” was written by Ying Hao in 1995. I wrote it myself; it was revised at the 2002 Hangzhou West Expo, which was a widely sung version; the G20 Hangzhou Summit in 2016 had a new English version, which was relaxed, soft, romantic and sweet. 2019 Hangzhou Global Cheongsam Day Promotional activities were held in the United Kingdom, France, Austria and other countries, and the song “Dream of Paradise” was sung more widely. Among all these changes, the only constant is the culture of Hangzhou. The classic will never fade.” Orange friend “Ling Hong” knows a lot about the history of this song, and there is no doubt that it is a veteran fan.

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“When I was studying, the school organized us to go to the community to participate in public welfare activities. It’s almost New Year’s Day. There are many non-local people in the community who haven’t gone home. We sang the song “Dream of Paradise”.” Orange friend Meng Fanrong signed up to sing on stage. I wonder if the version will make him relive the time when he was reading?

Orange Friends “Hua Jiahe” is a teacher who used this song as the background music when preparing the courseware. “When the music and melody came together in class, it attracted the students at once, and immediately let the students connect Hangzhou with heaven. We got in touch. This time I have the opportunity to listen live and sing on stage. Of course, I can’t miss such an opportunity to relive the past!”

Orange Friends “Skinny Meatballs” is because of a senior student who is looking forward to this concert: “I remember when the first version of “Dream Paradise” came out, I was in junior high school, and the dancing girl in the MV at that time was us The senior of the school, everyone didn’t say much on the surface at that time, they were discussing this matter in private, and they would whisper when they saw that senior passing by, and thinking about it now is really a memory of the times.”

The memories of “Qianduoduo 2020” will go back to primary school: “The most impressive thing is that when I was in primary school, I participated in Liu Zhonghu’s “Pearl Happy Night” of Hangzhou TV station as an audience, and the theme song was “Dream Paradise”. Now, I look forward to paradise Hangzhou getting better and better!”

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The director gave a little spoiler

In addition to the memory killing caused by this classic song, Friends of Orange is also looking forward to this concert. For example, Friends of Orange “Xiang Tian” is looking forward to the host, because Dai Jun is the host she “has seen since I was a child, and I want to go there.” Check it out there.”

So where is the current progress bar of this concert for Hangzhou? What will be the highlights then?

The director of this concert, Wang Jue, told the Express that he had already listened to the new version of “Dream of Paradise” in the recording studio in advance, so I can spoil a little bit: “This version is warmer and more down-to-earth than the previous version. It’s a big song, and if it’s suitable for large-scale theatrical performances, this new version is closer to life, like the kind that friends around you can sing together.”

For Hangzhou audiences, Wang Jue is also a master at creating memories and killings. The MV for “Made by New Youth” more than ten years ago came from him. When he returned to work in Hangzhou this week, he reported the itinerary to his friends. Speaking of the song “Dream of Paradise”, he said, “Everyone knows that, everyone can hum a few sentences. It is indeed the song of the city.”

Sunday’s concert was held in the “Zhejiang University Forest” in the west of the city. Considering the weather, the original outdoor concert was moved indoors. How could such a science and technology town think of doing such a concert? Wei Min, the head of Zhejiang University Forest Park, said that first of all, he and Ying Hao, the songwriter of “Dream Paradise”, are old friends, “We have known each other since 1998. Secondly, our industrial park involves digital music and digital culture, which can be regarded as a match. So many young people from all over the world are gathered here, and I hope that at an opportunity like the end of the year, they will have such a warm gathering with exchanges and music in a strange city.”

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Chen Qiang, the person in charge of stage technology this time, is a new Hangzhou native. During the preparation process with the “old Hangzhou people”, he gradually realized the charm of this song, “I came to Hangzhou in 2012, and it can be said that I have witnessed The development and renewal of this city.”

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