Drastic costs are imminent: all pet owners should know this – otherwise it will be expensive – region

– Everything gets more expensive. Now owners of dogs and cats are also threatened with the vet hammer, because: numerous treatments will be significantly more expensive in November. What you need to know now.

The dog is sick, the bird is hanging askew in the cage, the cat has pain in its paws – pet owners know the suffering of their loved ones. Going to the doctor was already a financial burden for many in the past. On November 22, the problems are likely to get worse for some, because: The so-called fee schedule for veterinarians, GOT for short, will be adjusted. With sometimes drastic consequences.

For example, vaccinating a cat or dog is twice as expensive – it used to cost 5.77 euros. Now it’s 11.50 euros. A detailed breakdown of the new flat rates that vets can bill, You will find here.

Why are vet prices adjusted?

The prices have also been adjusted because there are now completely different diagnostic and treatment methods. The GOT was last revised in 1999. The most modern examination methods, such as magnetic resonance imaging, are a blessing for many animals. Because tumors or nerve injuries can only be detected in this way,” explains the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, for example. “Of course, veterinarians must be able to bill procedures like this appropriately.” Otherwise, it is said, many practices would get into financial difficulties.

Animal shelter advises insurance: “Animal love does not pay for food”

Animal shelters fear a new wave of taxes. Some of the facilities are hopelessly overcrowded anyway, and in some places there is a huge funding gap. The Nuremberg animal shelter also warns: Standard treatments such as vaccinations or blood counts would become significantly more expensive with the adjustment of the GOT. “Unfortunately, we animal shelters and animal protection associations cannot support private individuals with veterinary costs because we ourselves have to fight every day to bear the costs for our residents,” says a Facebook post.

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The Nuremberg animal shelter recommends taking out appropriate insurance to cover costs. “And if you’re considering adopting a pet, you have to calculate even more than before whether you can really afford it – unfortunately, animal love doesn’t pay for food or medical expenses!”

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