Dramatic End of F1 English GP, When Lewis Hamilton Wins in the style of Lightning McQueen



Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton celebrates his victory at the F1 F1 GP race at the Silverstone Circuit, England, August 2, 2020.

BOLASPORT.COM – A dramatic ending coloring the race Formula 1 (F1) British GP when Lewis Hamilton towards the finish line while ‘dragging’ his car.

A racer is driving alone in the pole position. The racer is far ahead, outperforming his rivals.

Unfortunately, the racer got an unexpected disaster when the finish line was only a few kilometers away.

The car tire broke! The racer has to fight hard to finish while hoping not to be overtaken by a fast-moving racer behind him.

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This story might remind BolaSporter with the opening scene of the animated film Cars. However, a similar incident occurred in the real world, precisely during the British GP race.

In the race which took place at Silverstone Circuit, England, Sunday (2/8/2020), Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) experienced a tire burst on the last lap.

Hamilton is actually being around 30 seconds ahead of Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing) in second place.

However, the fact that Verstappen was racing with soft tires (soft) which was still fresh made Hamilton apprehensive.

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