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ROUNDUP: Federal government terminates contract with auditors after Wirecard scandal

BERLIN / ASCHHEIM – After the billion dollar scandal surrounding the Dax group (DAX 30) Wirecard, the German government is taking its first steps. The Federal Ministry of Justice and the Federal Ministry of Finance will terminate the contract with the German Accounting Office (DPR). Both ministries agreed on this, a spokesman for the justice department confirmed on Sunday in Berlin. The “Bild am Sonntag” had previously reported.

TOTAL ROUNDUP: Billions against Corona – tests for everyone in Bavaria

BRUSSELS / NEW YORK / BERLIN – The international community is mobilizing billions in the global fight against the corona pandemic. In the international donation marathon, new aid commitments totaling 6.15 billion euros were collected for vaccines and treatments. The EU Commission and Germany alone agreed to just under 5.3 billion euros at a virtual donor conference on Saturday. This means that previous aid commitments rose to 15.9 billion euros. At the end of the virtual donor conference, international stars performed at a large online concert in the evening.

ROUNDUP / circles: Commerzbank could cut up to 7,000 more jobs

FRANKFURT – Commerzbank, which has been partially nationalized since the financial crisis, could cut up to 7,000 jobs as part of the sharper austerity measures already announced. In addition, around 400 branches are to be closed, the Bloomberg news agency reported on Saturday, citing persons familiar with the matter. This would result in significantly more job and branch reductions than announced in September 2019. Commerzbank CEO Martin Zielke had already announced in February that the austerity measures should be pushed again.

Lufthansa rescue: Thiele expects a multi-year renovation phase

BERLIN – After the state rescue of Lufthansa, major shareholder Heinz Hermann Thiele expects that the restructuring of the German airline will take “five to six years”. “It will be a painful path for everyone involved,” said Thiele in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”. But: “how painful, nobody can say that today.” In any case, it is about “making Lufthansa sustainable.” For this purpose, the management will draft a restructuring plan.

ROUNDUP: Green electricity record in the first half of the year – Significantly less coal electricity

MUNICH / BERLIN – A lot of wind and sunshine in the first half of the year pushed the generation of green electricity to a record high in Germany. According to the experts from Agora Energiewende, electricity from renewable energies covered a good 50 percent of consumption. The combination of favorable weather for wind power and solar systems as well as low electricity consumption in the Corona crisis therefore significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions – according to the think tank, the climate protection target for 2020 should be achieved.

Klöckner & Co dares to play an active role in industry consolidation

FRANKFURT – The steel trader Klöckner & Co (KlöcknerCo (KlöCo)) (KlöCo) can imagine playing an active role in the course of accelerated industry consolidation as a result of the Corona crisis. “The Corona crisis will give us opportunities to take advantage of opportunities in the market,” said KlöCo CFO Oliver Falk of the “Börsen-Zeitung” (Saturday edition). However, there are currently no discussions with thyssenkrupp about its materials trade. “We also don’t think that will change anytime soon,” Falk said. In the past, there had always been speculation and hope for such a move on the stock exchange.

Verdi calls for work stoppages on Amazon again

BERLIN – The service union Verdi does not want to let go in the wage conflict with the online retailer Amazon, which has been going on for over seven years. This Monday and Tuesday, Verdi has called on employees at six locations of the mail order group to take a walk, as the union announced on Sunday.

Boeing can begin test flights with the 737 Max

SEATTLE – After more than a year of being banned for the Boeing 737 Max medium-range jet, the aircraft manufacturer can start test flights. The US aviation authority FAA gave the green light on Sunday for the start of corresponding flights with test pilots. However, there would still be several hurdles to overcome before the model could be re-registered for aviation. Boeing customers said September was the earliest date, according to the Bloomberg news agency. The Boeing 737 Max is the new edition of the 737 medium-haul jet, which has been built since the 1960s, and is designed for less fuel consumption.

ROUNDUP 2: Requirements for the meat industry – Heil sees foreign policy damage

DÜSSELDORF / BERLIN – In the scandal about working conditions in the meat industry and after the corona outbreaks, specifications for the industry are tightened. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the meat industry must in future have workers tested for the corona virus at least twice a week, as the State Ministry of Labor and Health announced in Düsseldorf. The reason for the measure are several major corona outbreaks in slaughterhouses. The vice-chairwoman of the SPD parliamentary group, Katja Mast, demanded that employees in the meat industry be tested nationwide for the corona virus: “If necessary, several times. Occupational safety is always also health protection.”

ROUNDUP 5 / Against online hate: 90 companies stop Facebook advertising

NEW YORK – In protest against Facebook’s handling of hate comments and derogatory content in its services, dozens of companies have meanwhile appealed for an advertising boycott. The #StopHateForProfit initiative, launched by civil rights organizations in mid-June, included a list of over 90 companies on their website on Sunday that are initially stopping their Facebook advertising in the United States. Some want to extend this measure to the Facebook subsidiary Instagram and Twitter. Facebook now wants to act more against hate messages and false reports, like its boss Mark Zuckerberg stressed.


Additional Reports

-Circles: Boeing could begin test flights of the 737 Max starting Monday

-‘Spiegel ‘: NATO commander in chief calls for contributions to Corona plan

EU Commission puts merger control to the test

Cosmetics manufacturer L’Oréal dispenses with the name ‘brightener’

-ROUNDUP: Skepticism about major changes to the best-before date

-ROUNDUP: Further advertising bans for smoking on the home straight

-Woidke expects Tesla to create good working conditions

-ROUNDUP / Lime-Germany boss: Are on the road again at almost all locations

Health insurance: Fewest sick leave reports in May in ten years

-Verdi wants more houses at Galeria Karstadt Save Kaufhof

-Verdi: Agreement with Karstadt Feinkost – 26 of 50 branches secured

-New environmental scandal in Russian tundra – toxic waste disposed of

-ROUNDUP 2: SPD and Union continue to disagree on rent moratorium until September

-Signa: 366 million euros for the renovation of Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof

-Banijay Germany takes over Brainpool completely

Banking expert on Wirecard: ‘Regulators have failed’

-BVB sports director Zorc about Hakimi: ‘We don’t want to and we can’t’

-Buy expensive pair of sneakers handmade by Nike founder

– Route planning for Japanese magnet train stalled

-BVB boss Watzke protects coach Favre

-ROUNDUP: Crafts announce attractive business – hope for more orders

Secretary of State for the Environment welcomes the shutdown of the Fessenheim plant

–Haribo: Increase in sales in shops compensates for declines at the kiosk

-ROUNDUP: In Corona times, holidaymakers increasingly rent motorhomes

-Tiefensee: Problems in the auto industry are increasing

Virologist Streeck Calls for Infectious Disease Response Group

-‘FAS ‘: Siemens brings another woman to the board

-Schuer: From December trains every 30 minutes between Berlin and Hamburg °

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