Downtown Magog Embraces a Dog-Friendly Atmosphere for All

Downtown Magog is positioning itself more and more as “dog friendly”. Several businesses also display a sticker to indicate that these little beasts are welcome with their masters. Traders claim to increase their turnover and dog owners are overjoyed.

Almost every day, Marie-Josée and her dog, Yoda, go to the Remis Cafe of Magog. The owner, Monique Poirier, welcomes them with pleasure and even offers a small snack to the animal.

When [ils passent], the dogs pull to get their snack. Then, we have small snacks and big snacks depending on the size of the dogmentions the owner of the café.

Marie-Josée and her dog like to walk downtown.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Yannick Cournoyer

On Sunday, Marie-Josée sits down in front of a café and Yoda calls some friends. I am very happy. I find that very important. In fact, I find that dogs bring joy and happinessmentions Lancy Lamy.

The latter is delighted with the collaboration of several merchants from downtown Magog who have understood the importance of dogs for their master. That makes all the difference. Me, when I work and I see a dog come in, it puts me in a good mood instantly.

Several merchants also offer water to visitors. We often come with the dog to walk in town, to walk. If the dog can’t get in, it’s a bit more complicated. Someone has to stay outside, says Sylvie Chamberland, met on Principale Street. I find it super nice to be able to enter with the dog.

Lancy and his dog.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Yannick Cournoyer

Dogs even show up in some shops with their owners. This is the case of the Shoosh store. The owner assures that it is a plus for the business of the shop.

I have a dog. Personally, I always enjoy welcoming them. The people are very nice and very respectful. They hold their dogs close to them. It really does not cause us any problem, on the contrary. It’s a pleasure!


In the Shoosh store, a board is set up at the entrance with pictures of dogs that have come to the store.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Yannick Cournoyer

Although several businesses in Magog welcome dogs, the percentage is still far from that of Europe or the United States. I would like it to be the same here, it would be perfect, but it is not yet too widespread at the moment notes a passer-by.

Tourisme Cantons-de-l’Est wishes to encourage inclusion in all its forms. The acceptance of dogs in shops is one of them. It is possible to find on the organization’s website, the names of hotels, shops, restaurants and cafes in the region where dogs are particularly welcome.

One side of sustainable tourism is being inclusive. So it concerns dogs, reduced mobility, families and children. It includes all kinds of communities so it’s very broad, but it also thinks of doggies, pets.

According to passers-by met by Radio-Canada on Sunday, no one witnessed any unfortunate incidents.

According to the report by Jean Arel

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