Donation to hospice association



21.07.2020 – 23:00

1 min

Giessen (red). Edgar Niebergall has supported the work of Haus Samaria for years and is a loyal companion of the Gospel Hospice Association. Every year he comes up with new ideas and collects money for the hospice organizations. He uses open Sundays in Gießen for his fundraising campaigns and thus also contributes to making these days in Gießen attractive.

He recently came across a book “Journey into the Past of Gießen” published in 1907. This book will be the basis for his next fundraiser, unfortunately due to Corona only in 2021.

The Hospiz-Verein Gießen is particularly grateful to Edgar Niebergall for the donation of 360 euros this year, as the association receives significantly fewer donations due to the corona pandemic due to missing family celebrations and anniversaries than in previous years. Archive photo: bog


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