Donation for the camp of the KJG


Bensheim.As part of the Corona aid package, the federal government reduced the VAT rates in the period from July 1 to December 31. At the Mehl butcher’s shop in Fehlheim, it was decided not to adjust the prices, but to donate the difference between the old and the new VAT rate to charity.

Donations have already been made to the hospice association and the Bergstrasse women’s shelter. On Saturday Isabel Mehl presented a symbolic check for 1902.70 euros to the KJG Bensheim.

With the donation, the dream of having your own campsite for the youth camps in the Odenwald is a step closer. Our picture shows (from left): Isabel Mehl, Lea Andersen, Bastian Zillig, Maximilian Schäfer and Christina Stops. tn / image: New

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