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Donald Trump i had some stuff this week, and now we know the culprit … and his name is axl.

As we reported, someone threw a bunch of poo at the Trump star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is not vandalism – because there was no damage – but it would appear to be a violation of the LA Pooper Scooper Order… HOWEVER, we have learned that there is a twist.

Well, TMZ solved the case. It turns out that Axl, an 18-month-old rescue, was walking on Hollywood Blvd. with its owner, James Hawkins, when nature called it. Axl took a giant poop near Trump’s star, and rather than picking it up, Hawkins decided he should adorn the star of Trump.

James tells us he picked up the poop and placed it on the 45-year-old star. He took a photo to keep the memory alive. Shortly thereafter, James bagged the poop and left the crime scene.

James is a photographer from Rhode Island who was in town on business. He tells us that he is a Democrat and that he is not a fan of Trump …

Trump's Walk of Fame star is vandalized

BTW… it doesn’t appear that James violated the Pooper Scooper order because he put the droppings in a blue bag in no time.

As for Axl, he spent Friday with James who was skateboarding on the beach, so he’s having a blast in LA.

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