Donald Trump finds Kim Jong-un’s health information “wrong”


Donald Trump was questioned Thursday about Kim Jong-un’s condition at a press conference. The opportunity for the American president to qualify CNN information on this subject as “fake news” relayed a few days earlier. The American channel, citing an American official, reported this week that Washington “studied information” according to which Kim Jong Un was “in serious danger after a surgical operation”.

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“I think that information was wrong,” said Donald Trump in his daily press briefing on the coronavirus crisis. “I think it was false information from CNN,” he added, referring to an “incorrect” and old report on which CNN is said to have based itself. Donald Trump, however, did not give any additional information on the state of health of the North Korean leader, who said a few days ago that he did not have one.

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Operated in April

Questions about Kim Jong-un’s shape were fueled by his absence from official photographs of the celebrations on April 15 of the 108th anniversary of the birth of his grandfather, the founder of the regime Kim Il Sung. Daily NK, an online media outlet run mostly by defected North Koreans, said the North Korean leader had been operated on in April for cardiovascular problems and was recovering. The South Korean authorities, however, downplayed this information. A senior South Korean official quoted by the Yonhap news agency said, on condition of anonymity, that it was “not true” that Kim Jong Un was seriously ill.

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