Dogs without a leash: the new bet of this New York cafe

Imagine having a coffee inside a local while your dog has fun with other furry ones without leashes. It is the idea that the Powers brothers had when creating this coffee. “We’re not a fan of tying up your pet outside, especially in a place like New York. We needed a space where we could go, be with your dog and enjoy food and treats for both ourselves and our pets.” In it, dogs and their owners can spend some time together. The place offers coffees and drinks for people, but also a gourmet tasting for your dogs, with fresh vegetables, turkey or chicken. It is not the only ‘dog friendly’ establishment in the city, but it is the only one that can move freely. “Here he is stimulated, he exercises, he meets other dogs while I work,” says a client. Those without pets are also welcome. It is a way to spend more time with your best friend.-Redaction-

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