Dogs and cats await you at the SPA

Gthat is a female shepherd born February 14, 2016. She arrived from Romania last April. She is fearful and will know how to make herself understood and be a deterrent if her limits are reached. It will take patience and use her gluttony to bond with her. Gaia is very cheerful but also appreciates moments of calm. Rather independent, Gaia, with her little nickname “Capunette”, likes to do what she wants, when she likes it!

Rikki is a male born January 1, 2017. He is a nice dog who gets along well with his fellows in the shelter. He needs significant physical expenses to be able to channel himself. Rikki is a ball of love, always ready for a stroll or a papouilles session! He gets along with the children.

Ainbo is a female born on August 1st, 2020. She is a very nice cat. She is gentle and calm. Ainbo arrived at the shelter with her five babies. She is a great mom but now needs to be taken care of!

Bacchante is a female born on June 1, 2018. The most beautiful, the most original is Bacante! With her little face that capsizes hearts, she will bewitch you and you will want her!

And the icing on the cake, our star is kind and looking for hugs.

SCPA Carcassonne, chemin de la SPA, 11,000 Berriac. Phone. 04 68 25 35 45. Website:

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