Dog walkers were a rarity 50 years ago –

The pensioner Hans Reinhard leaves the retirement home every morning and sets out to collect his protégés. He goes for walks with up to 18 dogs. The dogs belong to people who either don’t have the time or are old and can’t walk the dog on their own, says Reinhard. However, it also has four-legged friends from wealthy families among them.

«The dog trainer from the Bremgartner Forest»

In the city of Bern, the dog walker is famous in 1974. With his four-legged companions, he walks through the entire old town. But he mainly walks the dogs in the Bremgarten Forest on the northern outskirts of the capital. His protégés can also let off steam there without a leash.

Various dog breeds and crossbreeds are represented in his gang of rascals. He is now well acquainted with the behavior of the individual dogs. He takes any dog ​​that walks well on a leash with him on his rounds. Only if it doesn’t work at all can he not take his four-legged friend with him.

Dog Walking

Most people can’t take their dog to work. That’s why the business of “dog sitting” and “dog walking” is now booming. There are a wide variety of offers. The dog is either picked up at home and taken for a walk, or it spends its day in a after-school care center. Vendors range from individuals to large dog hoarding organizations with multiple employees.

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