Dog trembles with pain: suddenly everyone at the vet has to laugh

When Jean Mosher was out and about in the dog park with her puppy Jaqweenie, she suddenly witnessed a dramatic spectacle.

Raleigh (North Carolina/USA) – When Jean Mosher was with her puppy Jaqweenie last week Dog park was on the way, she suddenly witnessed a dramatic spectacle.

Confused, the doctor looked for the cause of Jaqweenie’s suffering. © TikTok / screenshot / sharkybobarky

Your four-legged friend was romping across the meadow with a playmate when he suddenly stopped, sat on his bum and began to tremble terribly.

“Jaqweenie was sitting quite alone at a distance, and I knew something was wrong,” Mosher recalled in an interview with the American animal magazine The Dodo. “I went up to him and he was trembling and panting and curling his little foot”.

Mosher reacted in a panic. Normally nothing could upset the little dog that quickly, so it must have been in really terrible pain.

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Dog splits the net: why is he staring at these chicks like that?

The young woman immediately grabbed her darling and went with him to the vet.

And there followed a surprising twist: “We took him there immediately and we found out that everything was fine.”

The cheeky little badger enthuses thousands of people on his Instagram account “sharkybobarky”. © Instagram / screenshot / sharkybobarky

Even after a thorough examination, the attending doctor was simply unable to determine what had caused Jaqweenie’s pain. Only after checking his leg again did the doctor discover the culprit.

“She checked the paw one more time and found a cut so small it wasn’t even bleeding.”

Jean Mosher couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Her little Jaqweenie was a real drama queen. Check out the spectacle for yourself on TikTok!

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Although the injury did not require any treatment, Jaqweenie’s mistress thought that the little rascal could feel better as a result and so the puppy got a bandage.

The rest of the day the four-legged friend limped theatrically through the house and demanded a lot of petting from his parents. It was only after about 24 hours that the cheeky badger was finally able to run through the house again without any problems.

“I think it has softened a bit,” smiled Mosher.

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