Dog stolen this Wednesday in the center of the capital

Coco is the name of the dog that was stolen this afternoon in the capital of the Republic. Andrés Torres, owner of the animal, told Pulse that everything happened around 5:10 in the afternoon, at Calle Tercera with Carrera 21.

Torres argued that the thieves took advantage of the fact that he was walking Coco with four other dogs and, when he realized it, the thieves had cut the animal’s leash.

The citizen victim of insecurity in Bogota He told this medium that he was wearing headphones, taking a call, and that That’s why he didn’t notice when his pet was taken away.

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Also, he was alone. Moments later, a person approached to tell him that he, supposedly, had seen a young man who had cut the rope.

“That person told me that the thief ran towards Calle Cuarta with Carrera 20, but now I realize that it could have been an accomplice who sent me to the diametrically opposite side.”

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Dog stolen this Wednesday in Bogotá has health problems

In his dialogue with this medium, Andrés Torres recounted the characteristics of Coco. The animal is 10 years old, a fairly advanced age that has brought multiple diseases to your pet.

The pet has gastritis, a heart murmur and hypothermia; In addition, he is missing two teeth in the front. Coco’s owner points out that this prevents the animal from being able to sleep cold, as this can cause an arrhythmia.

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In addition, he is an emotional support animal, to which his daughter is quite attached. He had a green collar and no tag at the time of his disappearance.

“It is as if a son had been kidnapped from us, because he is one more member of the family,” he added.

Torres offers a reward of one million pesos for whoever delivers it or knows about it. Anyone with information can contact to the phones 3185492925 and 31530641 38.

This is Coco’s photo:

Image supplied to Pulzo.
Image supplied to Pulzo.

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