Dog-Sitter Turns Extortionist: A Tale of Betrayal and Threats

From dog-sitter to (alleged) extortionist.

The protagonist is a 40-year-old from Parma, the victim of a couple residing in Calestano, a town in the Parma mountains, who had turned to the man to have their dog guarded while he was on vacation.

The story dates back to last August when the owners of the animal, waiting to leave for a holiday period, started looking for accommodation for the dog.

Through an ad on a social network, they thus come into contact with the 40-year-old who has published an ad just as a dog-sitter.

The parties meet in the man’s house in Parma, the impressions are good and so the two decide to entrust the animal to the 40-year-old with whom, in the meantime, they agree on the weekly fee for custody.

However, once the holiday began, the 40-year-old began to demand ever higher transfers, claiming that the dog had been the protagonist of a series of damages in the house.

To push the couple to pay, he even threatened them with both filing a complaint and retaliating against the same animal.

At that point the dog’s owners returned home early and retrieved the dog.

Even on this last occasion, the 40-year-old still tried to get some money. At that point, the couple turned to the police and the man was reported for extortion.

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