Dog runs away from home and spends the night at Metallica concert

A dog was at a Metallica concert. This initially caused outrage, but the band was able to give the all-clear.

The world-famous band Metallica is certainly used to strange actions from their fans, who come up with a lot of ideas to meet their musical idols in person or to come to one of their quickly sold-out concerts. But now there was a special incident – because now the band can also count a dog among their fans.

Metallica: Grand Tour with Pantera

Metallica is currently on the M72 World Tour, performing with Pantera and Mammoth WVH at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood. There was also a German shepherd in the audience. And not because he was taken to the concert by his owner and then left behind. This assumption had apparently caused some public outrage.

Rather, the bitch was an outlier, as Metallica now enlightened themselves about “X”.

In the video above you can see a cute animal surprise for a 100-year-old.
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“Storm” rocked with the Metallica family

The dog is called “Storm” and ran away from home – to see the band’s performance? Quite possible. Anyway, she ended up at the stadium anyway and stayed there throughout the concert enjoying the evening with the “Metallica family”.

Runaway reunited with family

But then there was a reunion with her real family. According to the post, Storm was said to have been safely delivered back to her family the next day. The band also tongue-in-cheekly assures that the dog “had a great time” listening to her favorite songs, such as “The Mailman That Never Comes.”

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But then the band has another tip for their followers with a serious background: namely that you should definitely not bring an animal to a concert. Even if Storm enjoyed the experience.

Jason Momoa also celebrated at Inglewood

Incidentally, not only Storm enjoyed the band’s concert. Hollywood star Jason Momoa (44) was also present and let off steam in the so-called “moshpit”, an area in front of the stage, when Pantera performed. A TikTok video proved that.

In general, the concert seemed to attract celebrities and not just four-legged friends. John Travolta (69) or Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee (60) were seen backstage. Bitch Storm was in illustrious company. One can only hope that she can continue to listen to her beloved metal at home with her family.

Exuberant to the beat – Kakadu “Pearl” really rocks Metallica songs

This animal also seems to be a fan of Metallica.
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