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The dog that suffered animal abuse after a person stabbed him in the head in Puente Alto is stable and recovering. Meanwhile, the PDI investigates the whereabouts of the perpetrators of the brutal attack.

The dog that was the victim of a serious aggression of animal abuse in Bajo de Mena in Puente Alto, is still in recovery and under supervision after a person buried a knife in his head.

The puppy named “Baby”, still in recovery after he was hospitalized and underwent surgery to remove the sharp object that was lodged in his skull.

As reported by its owner, the fateful event occurred when two people had a strong discussion, when one of them gave her a dog stabbed in the head who was on the spot.

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The puppy was taken to a veterinarian where remained life-threatening. However, almost a week after the complaint, the dog is in good condition.

Meanwhile, animal abuse is being investigated by the Brigade for Crimes Against Public Health and the Environment (Bridesma)to find the perpetrators of the crime.