Dog: Police rescue 17 puppies – THIS is what owners did to them

Dog: Police have to save 17 four-legged friends – shocking what the owners did to them

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The police stumbled during an inspection of disturbing scenes. Especially Dogs– Friends’ hearts are bleeding.

17 puppies were rescued from an apartment. What the The dog was done, shocked.

Dog: Police rescue 17 puppies

The police officers from Pocking in Bavaria were actually called because of a couple dispute. Luckily! Because what the police officers found in the family home made all the alarm bells ring even for them, first reported “”.

17 dogs, mostly puppies, were kept in the home. But the four-legged friends live in miserable conditions. Some were kept in cramped cat boxes, it was hot in the apartment and the animals were not given any water.


The dog as a companion of man:

  • Domestication took place about 15,000 to 100,000 years ago
  • the wild progenitor is the wolf
  • there are around 500 million domestic dogs worldwide
  • in Germany alone, nine million live as pets


The unworthy kept animals were immediately a case for the veterinary office in Passau. The dogs were checked here and will soon be handed over to suitable animal shelters. The 43-year-old dog owner was reported for an offense under the Animal Welfare Act.

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For the 43-year-old dog owner, it is now thick: because she had kept her dogs so unworthy, she was reported for an offense under the Animal Welfare Act. (ts)

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