Dog photographer Christian Vieler – known overnight with an idea

Hamburg. Christian Vieler photographs dogs in a special way. How he got there, he tells in the edogs dog podcast.

Whoops and away – no sooner does the owner throw his dog a treat than it has disappeared again. In just a few seconds, an amusing spectacle between anticipation, greed and the fear of not getting hold of the tasty piece of food remains hidden.

And it is precisely these emotions that dog photographer Christian Vieler captures in pictures – and became known around the world overnight.

In this podcast episode he tells how he triggered a media avalanche with this idea and why he quit his job as a journalist afterwards.

About the podcast

In the edogs dog podcast, moderator Denis Uwelius speaks every two weeks with various guests and experts about interesting topics from the world of dogs.

You can send questions and suggestions about the podcast by email to [email protected]


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