Dog owners will finance a campaign against the City of Mieres

One of the protesters, with a protest poster. / PHOTOS: JOSÉ MANUEL PARDO

A hundred owners of dogs gathered before the Town Hall to protest for the third time against the rule that restricts their mobility


Monday, June 28, 2021, 02:32

Having a dog in Mieres “is foolhardy.” At least that’s what more than a hundred owners of dogs think that yesterday attended the third protest called before the Mierense City Council. They did so to record their rejection of the new municipal regulations for keeping animals. A rule that they consider “criminalizes dogs and us for having them,” Ismael López explained.

In a municipal square full of neighbors with their pets, for many, one more member of the family, the concentrates rejected the mobility restriction. Marisa Álvarez, owner of two dogs, made it clear: “They want us to only be able to go out with the dogs to the two areas that they have enabled for them, one at each end of the city and with adequate maintenance. The rest of green areas are prohibited. We can’t even touch them.

Negative publicity

After the concentration, the participants took a tour of different streets, a route that served to raise money with the aim of launching an advertising campaign against “the harsh restrictions that the local government wants to impose on us.” Minerva Losa pointed out that “with these regulations it is difficult to have a dog, the new idea of ​​the city council is surreal. Forbidding all green areas to dogs is incomprehensible. We must all be consistent and abide by the rules, but not take them to the extreme. ‘

None of those present refuses to comply with the rules of coexistence “we are the first interested in not blaming us for dirtying our city, especially when it is very dirty and not because of the dogs. We know that we must collect the excrement, but from there to not being able to pass through any green area … “, added Juan Ruiz. “There is persecution,” he added.

On the part of the movement in charge of organizing these protests, Liliana Castro explained to those present that “the City Council wants to divide and confront the neighbors with the dog ordinance, while they are incapable of having a clean city. We must unite and not stop fighting until they meet with us and reconsider the revision of this new ordinance that violates our rights and restricts our freedoms.

Castro also spoiled the local Executive that has not supported the motion presented in the last plenary session by the PP. In it, more areas for leisure with dogs were claimed, as well as maintaining better maintenance in the two enabled.


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