Dog on bus from Pesaro to Osteria Nuova, Magma’s journey ends with a happy ending

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11/26/2021 – Magma has returned home: after a trip on the Circular line from Pesaro to Osteria Nuova, she was able to find her family in the evening.

Magma’s “escape” ended and on Thursday took a bus to Montecchio. The fact happened in the afternoon, the female dog, similar to a Maremma shepherd, was playing in the Molaroni park when she escaped from the owner.

After traveling a few hundred meters, she found herself in viale Fiume and, probably frightened by something, she climbed the Circular Left to the amazement of the passengers. In the meantime, the driver had to leave while the passengers themselves took care of the dog and prevented it from getting out during the various stops.

The travelers noticed that Magma was wearing a medal with a telephone number around his neck which, unfortunately, did not give an answer. At that point, to resolve the situation, the bus driver contacted an ENPA volunteer who waited for their arrival at the Osteria Nuova stop.

“I made her get off taking her to my house – comments the volunteer Stefania – where the Asur came to pick her up”.

In the evening around 20 Magma was returned to the owner who had been looking for it desperately for hours.

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