Dog missing for four months found alive in the mountains and covered in snow

Credit: Capture écran | Facebook | Tahoe PAWS and TLC 4 Furry Friends

The pit bull terrier was very lucky. In mid-December, the animal was found refrigerated, under a mound of snow, by two volunteers from an association for the protection of animals.

Russ had disappeared in the summer of 2021, when a huge fire, dubbed “Caldor Fire”, ravaged California, forcing tens of thousands of inhabitants to flee, in particular in South Lake Tahoe. In a panic, Russ takes fright and escapes the vigilance of his master. Despite several attempts to find him, the dog will remain untraceable.

They brave the elements to save him

It will take four months for Russ to resurface. On December 16, 2021, a skier reported the presence of a dog on the mountain to a local animal protection association. Two women organize a rescue mission and mount an expedition to find the animal, while the weather conditions are wintery and difficult.

After long hours of hiking through the snow, the two volunteers, Leona and Elsa, discover traces that allow them to find Russ. The pit bull terrier lies prostrate under a tree, covered by more than a meter of snow but very much alive, reports The San Francisco Chronicle quoted by Ouest-France.

The two women wrap the animal in a blanket and lower it using a sled. He is then entrusted to a veterinarian for treatment. Thanks to the chip in his ear, Russ’ owner could be contacted again.

The dog and his owner have since been reunited.


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