Dog meat festival in China / The horror of wet markets: blood and inhumanity

The terrible has begun festival of Yulin in China, where they are traded dogs and their meat. The police managed to save 386 animals that were destined for slaughter, but it is only an infinitesimal part of the total number of puppies involved, which would be thousands. The police of Shaanxi, as reported by Corriere della Sera, intercepted a truck that was transporting the 386 dogs mentioned above towards their cruel destiny: the animals would have been in fact killed, then dissected and served as food to a kermesse, “Festival of lychees and dog meat”, which despite its inhumanity and international condemnation, continues to attract a lot of fans.

Given the unanimous condemnation of these events, the consumption of meat was very limited in the Far East, but the old habits still remain, and even if sporadic events are enough to condemn thousands of animals to death. To further complicate the situation, in addition to the inhumanity, the fact that these places are a potential receptacle for viruses and bacteriagiven that the sanitation standards are practically zero, and in this case the memory goes to the famous one wet market di Wuhan, where the covid may have been spread. “It was horrifying to see so many dogs in such a frightening state,” the activist told Humane Society International Lin Xion, who was on site at the time of the hijacking of the truck with 386 dogs – they had probably been on the truck for days, dehydrated and hungry, many of them visibly injured and ill. We could see their petrified faces behind the bars of the cages and we knew they were headed for the slaughterhouses of Yulin where they would have been beaten to death. ‘

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And again: «The massacre linked to the consumption of dog meat throws shame on our country and therefore we will continue to fight until we see the end of this suffering ». Peter Li, Human Society International’s Chinese Political Specialist, adds: “Without police intervention these dogs would have met death in a slaughterhouse in Yulin. In addition to being a nightmare for animals, this event, fueled for the most part by dog ​​thieves, is in clear contrast with the measures adopted in the country to prevent the spread of Covid “.

Behind these wet market (the wet markets, in that the blood flows to the river at these events, falling to the ground) there are real organizations that they steal dogs from private individualstaking them from the gardens of the houses or even forcibly removing them from people.


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