Dog locked in the garage, released by the guards – Chronicle

Locked up in a garage, no windows and a walk allowed every now and then. A dog was released by the Zoophile Guards of the National Animal Protection Authority, following checks at Villa Verucchio. During the patrols, the guards heard barks coming from the ventilation grids of an underground car park where there are about forty garages in the two residential complexes of Piazza Europa and Vecchio ghetto. Having ascertained the presence of a dog and the strangeness of detention, the Enpa Judicial Police officers arranged further checks and stalking even in civilian clothes. What emerged from the investigation conducted for about a month, is a real imprisonment of a large dog forced inside the room without windows, with artificial light on 24 hours a day, with the sole freedom granted to the keeper who, on some days he allowed the dog to walk. A preventive seizure of the animal was carried out with a provision of the Judicial Authority of the Rimini Public Prosecutor’s Office. Now, the owner will have to answer for the hypotheses of crime articles 727 of the Criminal Code, or keeping animals in incompatible conditions, producing serious suffering if not the most serious crime, if confirmed, provided for by art. 544 ter (mistreatment of animals). The dog was placed in judicial custody and entrusted to the kennel for medical and veterinary checks. The carabinieri were also on site.

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