Dog is run over and several cars collide

A dog running onto the road caused a three-car accident between Hackenheim and Volxheim. A woman has to go to the hospital, for the dog any help comes too late.

Police blue light when recording an accident.
(© Stefan Puchner/dpa/symbol image)

Hackenheim/Volxheim – Three cars collided between Hackenheim and Volxheim early Thursday evening after a dog ran onto the street, police said. A 61-year-old man was walking the one-year-old dog on the footpath between Hackenheim and Volxheim.

Probably because of a deer carcass, the animal ran onto the street. There, the dog was hit by a 70-year-old Chrysler driver, despite emergency braking. A 67-year-old Peugeot driver was unable to brake in time and hit the 70-year-old who had stopped.

Woman has to go to the hospital

A 62-year-old Opel driver then collided with the Peugeot and pushed it into the ditch. The drivers involved were not injured. However, the 67-year-old came to a Kreuznach hospital for observation. The dog died at the scene of the accident. The L 412 remained completely blocked while the accident was being recorded. All three vehicles had to be towed. The road maintenance department cleaned the road before it could be reopened.

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