Dog in Thuringia: Amelie is almost unique in the Free State

Muehlhausen. Thuringians don’t let Thuringians down! This is also shown by this wonderful story of one dog in Thuringia. Amelie is a very special assistance dog for seven-year-old Hannes from Mühlhausen.

One like this dog available in Thuringia certainly not too often. And she and Hannes almost didn’t get together at all.

Dog in Thuringia: Hannes is desperately looking for an assistance dog

Hannes is incredibly dependent on Amelie’s help. The seven-year-old has been disabled since birth. He suffers from motor problems and seizures, reports the picture. He is also lagging behind mentally in terms of development.


These are Labradoodle:

  • Crossbreed between Labrador Retriever and Standard Poodle
  • are between 51 and 65 centimeters tall and weigh 25 to 35 kilograms
  • are originally from Australia
  • their fur is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers


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An assistance dog was therefore obvious. Such a one could turn on lights, open doors and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, training these animals is anything but cheap. You have to put around 31,000 euros on the table for this. “I didn’t have the money,” Hannes’ single mother Christine told the newspaper.

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But Thuringians don’t let each other down. Christine noticed that too. She started a fundraiser that raised 36,000 euros in a very short time. First, the family chose a Labrador, but then came the shock!

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Thuringia: This dog is perfect for Hannes

Hannes was allergic to his new assistance dog. But the solution followed in November: The Labradoodle lady Amelie was almost perfect for Hannes. Their fur is also highly compatible with allergy sufferers, writes the picture.


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You certainly don’t see a Labradoodle assistance dog in Thuringia every day. But Hannes is happy that Amelie exists. (bp)


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