Dog in NRW: Warning! Some dogs should definitely not eat THAT

Dog in NRW: Warning! Some dogs should definitely not eat THAT

A dog should eat a treat and not horse droppings – especially when the horses are being wormed. (Symbol image)

Photo: IMAGO / blickwinkel

NRW. During the corona pandemic are Dog owners probably walked as much as never before. A harmless walk can be for Dogs in NRW however, it can also be fatal if riders do not pay attention to their animal’s droppings.

On Monday, a man posted a photo on Facebook. The text and the photo caused a great stir among animal owners.

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Dog in NRW: Beware of these horse droppings

The Post advises that there are breeds of dogs that can die from the wormer drug ivermectin. This agent is used for de-worming horses, which usually takes place in spring.

However, it can be fatal for dogs if they come into contact with the agent in which they eat horse droppings, for example.

Horse droppings are said to be fatal to some dogs for three days after being dewormed.

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Therefore, riders in the text are asked to wait until three days after deworming before riding out, so that endangered dog breeds have nothing to fear. Ivermectin is also contained in products such as Equimax or Equest pramox.

The drug can have serious consequences for dogs

A woman who commented on Facebook had to experience for herself what the drug can do with dogs: “My bitch poisoned herself in the forest. You couldn’t even blame someone for it, because that could have been anyone … it pisses me off, we also have a farm with 16 horses that stay on the farm for 4 days and no matter where the legacies fall, it is then impaled ” .

A worried woman immediately replies: “Did she make it?” The dog owner replies: “Yes, just like that, we almost didn’t believe it anymore”.

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The most popular dog breeds in Germany:

  • 1st place: Labrador Retriever
  • Platz 2: Golden Retriever
  • 3rd place: German Shepherd
  • 4th place: Jack Russel Terrier
  • 5th place: Yorkshire Terrier


However, Facebook users do not fully agree on whether the dog owners or the horse owners are now responsible.

Dog in NRW: Who is responsible here?

A man writes: “I see it as the dog owners’ duty not to let their wuffies roam everywhere and at this time of the year all dogs – with the exception of working dogs – should be kept on a leash. Point!”

Another sees the responsibility with both pet owners. Since both of them faeces on the sidewalk, he thinks they should be equally careful: “Horse owners can also collect the remains of their animals. How about. Equal rights and duties for everyone. “


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It is unclear who is ultimately right here. However, most agree that caution should be exercised by both pet owners.

This is the only way for susceptible dogs to survive the worming period safely. (mbe)


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