Dog in NRW: Police dog suddenly becomes a target

Dog in NRW: Police dog Horst in action – suddenly he becomes a target

Dog in NRW: Horst was a target. (Symbol image)

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NRW. How nasty! A woman has passed a police check in NRW suddenly the policedog targeted …

The Hagen police were on duty on Sunday night due to repeated disturbances in a single-family house in the Haspe district of Hagen when a woman was targeting the four-legged friend Horst. The 42-year-old went on gesticulating wildly dog the.

Dog in NRW: nasty! Woman attacks service dog

After police officers reported the people present at a party in Hagen-Haspe (NRW) had asked to leave the place, the 42-year-old reacted suddenly angry and aggressive. Then she began to make flapping movements in the direction of the service dog.


This is the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW):

  • is the most populous federal state with 17,947,221 inhabitants (as of December 2019)
  • State capital: Düsseldorf
  • largest city: Cologne
  • since 1949 a federal state of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Prime Minister is Armin Laschet (CDU), government parties are CDU and FDP


A policeman then pulled the woman to one side to protect her and him Protect service dog. But that didn’t stop her from aggressive behavior either.

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She pushed a policewoman, kicked and punched the officers.

Dog in NRW: Police take woman into custody

These finally took the Hagenerin into custody to sober up and calm her emotions. A breath alcohol test carried out voluntarily at the police station showed a value of over 1.3 per mille.

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More news from the region:


The 42-year-old now has to deal with a criminal complaint for assaulting law enforcement officers and resisting police officers. In addition, the police wrote an administrative offense report because of the disturbance of the peace. (nk)

Police dog takes off!

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