“Dog hurts others” turmoil draws many reflections to tighten the reins of the rule of law of “civilized dog raising”

China News Service, Zhengzhou, November 25th, title: “Dog hurts people” turmoil leads to reflections and tightens the reins of the rule of law of “civilized dog raising”

China News Agency reporter Liu Peng

Recently, “dogs hurt people” turmoil occurred in many places in mainland China. The “dog biting” incident in Anyang, Henan, and a 36-year-old woman in Wuhan, Hubei, fell off a building after a conflict with a dog walker. While sighing, these dog-related incidents should arouse reflection.

In September of this year, an eighteenth-year old lady in Anyang, Henan, was bitten by two large dogs in the community. However, in the past two months since the incident, the elderly’s family members have sought help from many sources, but they have not resolved it properly. The province’s media continued to follow and report to no avail. In desperation, the female reporter couldn’t help but shed tears when facing the camera. The topic once rushed into hot searches, causing widespread public concern.

With the fermentation of public opinion, on the evening of November 23, Anyang officials notified the decision to deal with the responsible units and persons responsible for the “dog biting” incident. Several responsible persons in the local area, including urban management, market supervision, public security, and street office, were collectively punished. As the owner of the dog, Wang Mougang, the inspector of the Anyang City Market Supervision Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment, received a serious warning from the party, was removed from his post, and was removed from his law enforcement post.

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One wave has not settled, another wave has risen. In the past few days, a 36-year-old woman in Wuhan, Hubei, “accused her life for walking the dog without leashing” has once again attracted attention. According to reports, the 36-year-old Ms. Lu was chased by a pet dog without a leash in the community. After she was frightened, she clashed with dog walkers many times, and was then surrounded and abused by the other side. In the early morning of November 13, Ms. Lu jumped off the building and died. At present, the local police have intervened in the incident and are investigating.

Behind the two dog-related incidents, how to civilize the raising of dogs and how to solve the difficult problems of the “dog hurting people” incident has attracted much attention.

On the afternoon of November 23, Anyang, where the “dog biting” incident occurred, officially held a city-wide party members and cadres warning education and rectification meeting. The meeting was held in the form of video, and a total of 13,000 people listened to the meeting, which was interpreted by the media as “ten thousand people reflect on the dog-wounding incident.”

The reporter combed and found that in the near future, many local officials wanted to tighten the reins of “civilized dog raising” from the level of the rule of law.

For example, Zhengzhou intends to amend the “Regulations on the Administration of Urban Dog Raising in Zhengzhou”, in addition to “each resident is allowed to raise only one dog”, adding “prohibition of raising dogs in public areas such as public corridors, roofs, green spaces, basements, etc. “The maximum penalty for offenders is 10,000 yuan.

A few days ago, the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Mianyang City, Sichuan Province launched a legislative investigation on the “Regulations on Dog Raising Management in Mianyang City (Draft)”. On November 18, Xianyang, Shaanxi officially held a press conference to inform that the “Regulations on the Management of Dog Raising in Urban Areas of Xianyang City” will be officially implemented on January 1, 2022. The regulations not only rigidly regulate the “stubborn disease” of uncivilized dog breeding, but also set the clauses of “life-long breeding of dogs”.

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“With the continuous improvement of the people’s material and cultural living standards, the enthusiasm of urban residents to raise dogs is increasing. At the same time, vicious dogs bite people, walk dogs without leashes, bark and disturb the people frequently. Then, perfect and perfect dog raising. With the legal system, resolving the contradictions caused by urban dog breeding has become a top priority.” On the 25th, Professor Liu Defa of the Law School of Zhengzhou University said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency.

Liu Defa believes that dog-raising legislation should focus on coordinating urban development, fully respecting and protecting the wishes and rights of all stakeholders, focusing on coordinating and resolving conflicts between dog owners and other social groups, and establishing a more flexible and harmonious environment. Humanized dog management model.

“In legislation, more comprehensive management obligations and penalties should be established for dog owners, especially for the violation of regulations to raise ferocious dogs. This will help protect the rights of dog owners while at the same time. It neither affects others nor undermines the public health and public safety of the society.” Liu Defa said. (over)

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