Dog has finally found a home – then the shock follows

Dog finally adopted from animal shelter – shortly after he ends up back there for a sad reason

Duisburg vet explains how you can help your sick dog

Duisburg vet explains how you can help your sick dog

Catherine Haenig

We were in the veterinary clinic on Kaiserberg and had some illnesses explained to us.

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dog Effe almost did it! After years in the shelter, he has found a family who loves him. But luck didn’t last long.

Long had he dog waiting for a new home. Eventually, his wish actually came true. What should have been the happy ending for the fur nose now came to an abrupt end!

Dog almost got his happy ending – but suddenly he ends up back in the home

It wasn’t always easy for this dog! This becomes immediately clear when you look at the photos of “Effe” on the website of the animal shelter and animal protection association in Nuremberg. The 7-year-old Kangal male stands out because of his twisted front leg.

But that’s not all! “I’m Effe and unfortunately had to after almost exactly three years […] back to the shelter,” the website says. A breakup is to blame. With the love of the new owners, Effe’s new phase of life also came to a sad end.

Now the male is again looking for a new master. “I’m used to being outside, but I would definitely like to join the family and also like to go into the house. I just want to decide for myself when to go out. A house or apartment with a garden is therefore a basic requirement for my mediation,” it says about him.

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Of the dog as a companion of man:

  • Dogs and humans have lived side by side for 15,000 to 100,000 years
  • he is descended from the wolf
  • There are around 500 million domestic dogs worldwide
  • In Germany alone, around nine million dogs live as pets


Dog had a hard life – now the Kangal male is looking for a new home again

The animal shelter writes that under no circumstances will the animal be placed in a kennel or in a car park. “Since I love you people very much and also love to cuddle, I would like to have a lot of contact with you. I had an accident once and that’s why my foot is crippled now, but I’m fine with that.”

Effe gets along with other dogs – as long as he likes them. But cats in the house of their new owners are an absolute no-go, “because I literally like to eat them”! The Kangal, on the other hand, thinks horses are great.

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Are you interested in Effe? Then you should have one more thing on your mind: “I know children from the age of eight, but if there are any already living with you, they should rather be taller than me and be stable.”


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Finally, the really big question: “Who will give me a home in my old age?” If you can imagine giving Effe a new home, you can take a look at him on the Nuremberg animal shelter’s website! (alp)

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