Dog-friendly activities at the Poullan-sur-Mer leisure center – Poullan-sur-Mer

Storia, an Australian shepherd, and Riwana, an American staff, made a remarkable visit on Wednesday at the Poullan-sur-Mer leisure center. Gwenaëlle Le Ru, trainer, breeder and canine behaviorist, was present to present the education of dogs and their behavior. She explained to young Poullanais the attitude to adopt towards animals. “Just because a dog is small doesn’t mean it’s cute. And big dogs don’t have to be mean. This kind of animation helps to unlock certain fears among young people, ”explains Maud Vigouroux, the new director of the leisure center. The day ended with cuddling and grooming the animals.

For the animation of the leisure center, Maud Vigouroux will be supported by Claire Thomas and Mathieu Jaffry. Cooking, games, or even building huts…, the entertainment team will be offering a range of activities for the coming weeks, while adapting to the wishes of the children.


The leisure reception is open to children from 2 and a half to 12 years old, on Wednesdays and during school holidays. Such. 02 98 74 27 71.

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